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Importance of Varying Workouts for Continued Fitness Gains

Ashy Bines, the owner of Australia’s Bikini Body Challenge Program, has seen how a workout regime consisting of multiple forms of exercise provides results. Always doing something different helps keep workouts exciting and engaging. Any certified fitness trainer, such as Ashy Bines, knows that without variety, participants can become disinterested or reach a fitness plateau.

Studies have shown that individuals who change their workouts every two weeks are more satisfied with their exercise regime and are more likely to stick with their fitness habits when compared to others who completed the same routine continuously. Simple alterations to repetitive workouts (such as running) like adding quick sprints, attempting a hill workout, or even just changing the route can breathe new life into the session.

In addition, after about six to eight weeks, the body begins to adapt to a physical routine and no longer considers the session a challenge. This problem remains particularly acute in strength training. The simplest fix is to either change the order in which the exercises are performed, or try alternate exercises to target a particular muscle group.

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Ashy Bines: Great Super Foods to Integrate into Your Diet

Operating as Australia’s most well-known body transformational specialist, Ashy Bines continues to inspire women across the country to lose weight with healthy and effective strategies. Ashy Bines provides members with a Clean Eating Guidance Plan as well as 24/7 support and expert knowledge.

While it is no surprise that natural, unprocessed foods stand out as the most healthful items we can include in our daily diet, many do not realize the specific foods that really pack a punch. Listed below are several such foods that contribute to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Blueberries: A source of antioxidants with amazing anti-aging properties, blueberries remain a favorite for individuals who like sweet snacks without the negative consequences. They also have been known to protect the brain from inflammation and improve memory.

Brazil Nuts: Many nuts provide us with great amounts of valuable protein; however, Brazil nuts are unique in that they retain more selenium than any other nut or food. Just one nut will provide an entire day’s worth of selenium.

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